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Some Family Hikes That You Can Do on the Mason Dixon Trail, which are mostly in the York, PA area.

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  1. Lock 12/Eagles Nest (distance about 2.3miles)

    1. Highlights:  Lock 12 of the Susquehanna Canal.  Views of Susquehanna River and Holtwood dam.  Bald eagles.

    2. Getting there  - Drive south on Rt 74, turn left onto Rt 372.  Just before the Norman Woods Bridge turn left onto McCalls Ferry Rd.  Park at the second, smaller lot on the right

    3. Directions (See MDTS Map 5 and PPL map)

      1. Hike downhill to Lock 12.  The Mason-Dixon Trail crosses the lock (blue blazes)

      2. Follow the Mason-Dixon up river to where the trail crosses the creek by using McCalls Ferry Rd. bridge.

      3. Turn left off of road and follow the trail along the creek to wooden steps

      4. Climb the steps and hill to a great view. 

      5. Proceed down the hill to the power line clearing.  The eagles nest is on a power pylon down hill from the trail (from March to June the nest is in use)

      6. After watching the eagles proceed down the trail to the road.

      7. Leave the Mason-Dixon and turn right on the road

      8. Walk back to the parking lot


  1. Oakland Run/Eagle Bypass Loop (about 3.5 miles)

    1. Highlights:  Susquehanna River, Oakland Run with waterfalls and Rhododendron.

    2. Getting there  - Drive south on Rt 74, turn left onto Rt 372.  Just before the Norman Woods Bridge turn left onto McCalls Ferry Rd.  Drive down the road until you pass Holtwood Dam.

    3. Directions (see Mason-Dixon Trail map number 5 and PPL map)

      1. Follow blue blazes (Mason-Dixon Trail) on the road upriver.  The trail leaves the road to the right when McCalls Ferry Rd turns up hill.

      2. Follow the trail up river by various cottages and continue.

      3. The trail turns left to follow Oakland Run climbing through rhododendron.

      4. Turn left onto the yellow blazed Eagle Bypass Trail.

      5. Climb the trail up to the top of the hill and then down to McCalls Ferry Rd.

      6. When you get to McCalls Ferry Rd, turn left and proceed down the road to your car.

  1. Urey Overlook/ Otter Creek Loop  (about 5 miles)

    1. Highlights:  Great view of Susquehanna River at Urey Overlook, a scenic section of Otter Creek

    2. Getting there:  Go down Rt 425 to Otter Creek.  Park in the campground parking lot next to the river.  If closed go down river to boat launch parking lot.

    3. Directions (MDTS Maps 4 and 5 and PPL map

      1. Cross Rt 425 Otter Creek bridge and follow blue blazes left over guardrail.

      2. Follow blue blazes; trail crosses road and then climbs up to Urey Overlook.

      3. After enjoying the overlook, follow blue blazes away from the river and down to Otter Creek.  This is a very enjoyable section.

      4. Pay for your view of Otter Creek by climbing back up to the ridge and then out to Kline Rd.

      5. Leave Mason-Dixon Trail and turn left on Kline Rd.

      6. Cross Otter Creek on road bridge

      7. Climb up to a dirt game land road. 

      8. Turn left and go up to game land parking lot.

      9. Go under or around game land gate and climb up the road to the second clearing.

      10. Turn left.  This trail goes down to the campground.

      11. Follow the trail until a trail goes off to the right. 

      12. Turn right and follow trail down to Saw Mill Run.

      13. Cross stream and turn right onto dirt road.  You are back on the Mason-Dixon Trail

      14. Follow blue blazes.  Trail turns left off of road and goes across a footbridge. 

      15. Then the trail goes up to the campground.

      16. Follow trail by store and back to your starting point.


      New Map of Urey Overlook Area

      The M-DTS and YHC have been renovating the trail in the Otter Creek area.  This map is of all the trails in the Otter Creek Area and replaces a map that PPL did 20 years ago.  As we continue our work we will issue a new version of the map.



  2. Gifford Pinchot State Park Loop (about 8.5 miles) 

    1. Highlights:  many good views of the lake.  The description is a hike around the lake.  Shorter hikes can be made by combining the various trails in the park.  Trail description and a map is available on the state park web site.

    2. Getting There:  Go north/west on Rt 74 from York.  In Rossville turn right onto Rt 177.  Park at Boat Mooring 1 parking lot on the left just before the bridge.

    3. Hike directions: (MDTS Map 2 and Pinchot State Park Map)

      1. Mason-Dixon Trail goes through parking lot.  Follow the trail east across the road. 

      2. Follow blue blazes.  The first section of the trail is the Lakeside trail, it then transitions to the Ridge Trail at the campground road.

      3. Continue thru the park, following the blue blazes on various park trails until you get to the dam.

      4. Turn left on the road, and follow the blazes across the bridge and then back into the wood.

      5. In a small parking lot on the north side of the dam, leave the Mason-Dixon and follow Lakeside trail around the lake.  The trail ends up taking you back to the Boat Mooring Park where you started.


  1. Devilís Hole (about 3 miles)

    1. Highlights: An easy section with great views of the Susquehanna River in the winter.  Views of Cabin Creek

    2. Getting there:  Go south on State Rt 624 from Wrightsville.  When in the Long Level section turn right into the ball fields and park.

    3. Directions (MDTS Map 4)

      1. Go upriver through the fields almost to Cabin Creek.  Watch for blue blazes.  Turn left onto Mason-Dixon.

      2. Follow directions on map until you get back to Rt. 624.  Then turn right.  To avoid walking on the road, fter crossing stream on bridge, you can cut inland thru the Safe Harbor property and end up going behind the cabins back to the ball field and your car.